Auto Kraft Nebraska


1955 Thunderbird


This was a very good body with just a small amount of rust in the dog leg area and average dents.  Once blasted, with metal and lead work completed, complete body and underside sprayed with metal etch sealer.  Many hours of block sanding and prep work is done then the body is base coat, clear coat  Dan then color sands and polishes to perfection!!  Very carefully, the body(hanging by 3/8" cable) is lowered onto the frame. (notice Marty, car owner, in background:probably a little nervous!!)Dan and Doug guide the body into place.  Delivery day, Marty picks up his brand new 55 T-bird.    A few months later, He brings the T-Bird back after completely re-assembling it, for a few minor touch-up and panel alignments.  Note the very rare continental kit looks great! Well finally all complete.  The crew at Autokraft with Marty (far right).  The car has gone on to win all top awards at the T-Bird shows due to Marty's demanding quality and attention to detail, none better!!


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