Auto Kraft Nebraska


   1964 1/2  mustang  coupe   


Wrecked, Rolled, and Rusty!!

Why Restore?  Well because it's fun, Right!  It can be even on this extremely bad shape coupe.  The results however, can be outstanding.  Since this is an early 64 1/2 with a 260 c.i. V8 with a 3 speed manual that still ran great.  It was definitely worth saving. 

  First step is to square up the body on the frame machine before we get started.  the teardown well under way: old roof cut off (quick convertable !).  roof from a donor car welded in place and sandblasted. with the trunk floor in place, Mitch can now install the new quarter panelswith the engine and bay area sandblasted and re-painted, the engine is re-installedall body reconstruction is now complete & edging done (paint) now with all surface prep completed, into the booth for painting Re-assembly can now proceed-everybody takes part (Happy Stage!) Aaron installing fuel tank & other details (Almost ready to CRUISE!!)


712 W. Cornhusker Hwy.
Lincoln, Nebraska

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