Auto Kraft Nebraska

1971 Porsche 911

In for a complete make over.  Doesn't look to bad ?(ever heard looks can be deceiving!!)   Well, we found alot of rust. Must cut it all out.  After sandblasting and some sealer sprayed, new frame work and axel tube welded in place  Rotation on a rotisserie for comfortable working conditions, shows new floor pans welded in place.  Now body panels can be worked. Note: new quarters and front flares.)Joel (Master Craftsmen) welds on new quarters for the turbo look.   Metal working front flair and rear brake cooling scoop.  Finally all prepped and painted.  Two men and a Porsche.  All cleaned up and ready to ship away to the owner for re-assembly.


712 W. Cornhusker Hwy.
Lincoln, Nebraska

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