Auto Kraft Nebraska

1963 Triumph TR-4


Tear down process uncovered very poor past body repair and rust.What was to be a simple restoration now becomes an extreme resto project.  All rusty panels must be cut away.  What's left is sandblasted(grey area), and new panels fit and welded into place.Mitch is now fitting new rocker panels and side cowl panels(ready to weld).  Body completely rebuilt, sealed with epoxy and primed.  Sometime later all body panels repaired, fit, aligned, block sanded, prepped, and ready for paint.Fresh out of the paint booth. Looks good.   Makes even Mitch smile!  Rebuilt and detailed drive unit carefully going back in.  Dan (our painter) also fine tunes the engine and many other miscellaneous operations.  Mitch gets to install the new wood dash and gauges.  Getting closer.

712 W. Cornhusker Hwy.
Lincoln, Nebraska