Auto Kraft Nebraska

Short Wheel Base (SWB) Lincoln Mark VIII

"Shortened eight (8) inches"


As a kid growing up on a farm, If it broke, we fixed it.  That's how I got started working on cars.  I was 12 years old pulling home a '65 Mustang with a Farmall tractor.  My brothers and I completely tore it apart, did body work, changed it from a 6-cyl to a V-8 and V-8 suspension, and changed out the interior.  We then had a local body shop spray it for $45.  It looked great.  We later sold it on Superbowl Sunday of 1977 and made money!  I knew then what I was going to have a career fixing cars.  

Twenty-Seven years later, I have my own business, Auto Kraft Body and Paint.  I now have eight employees, 55 magazine articles and features, helped build a fake Shelby for Sean Penn (Movie: Indian Runner),  thousands of collision and general body repairs, dozens and dozens of classic & vintage restorations, and showcars, many racecars, 5 SWB Thunderbird Super Coupes, one chopped top Mustang GT, and Now, a SWB Lincoln Mark VIII !

So, for the most part, I like taking vehicles that are down on there luck (so to speak) due to collision damage or old age and years of abuse, and rebuild/restore into something unusual or as pretty as new or better.  Kind of a Cinderella story for the vehicles.   So. as you can see, this Mark VIII would have been destined for the crusher and now it it is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that will reveive attention where ever it goes and spark conversations.  What better life could a car want?.

I hope you enjoy are website.  

More info to come later!



712 W. Cornhusker Hwy.
Lincoln, Nebraska